"Anne-Maree has enabled me to find my true values. This has helped me move forward in my life with added confidence."
- Gayle Matthews

Professional Development

If you or your team have been to some workshops and seminars that leave you buzzing for a day or even a week, then when "reality hits" - it all falls apart... then, is it possible that all the fantastic ideas in the world will never be sustainable in a work environment when the people themselves are no...

If you have a team member who you believe is effective at their work, yet could benefit from better communication or customer relation skills, or even stress management - then its good to remember that starting from within will be more effective in achieving long-term results.

Successful organisations are all about systems and people. Both are essential in making your business boom.

Zenith Performance Coaching works closely with you to discover what your "people" needs are, and how to maximize your results by identifying strengths and potential weaknesses within your team. Working together, we can design professional development based upon what would be most effective to achieve the results you wish to achieve.

Get to the core - you and your team are individuals first! Get to the heart of the situation and fast-track your results. Our coaches work with you and your team to discover what specifically would be beneficial to move forward.


"At the time I first met Anne-Maree, I was at a stage in my life where I was going through a period of great struggle. I found out a lot of things about myself and my relationships and learned several strategies to deal with times of frustration. We explored how to achieve constructive thought processes and how I can actually control the way I react to situations. The sessions we had were very relaxed and I was always comfortable with Anne-Maree. I feel like a very different person and I have a renewed, positive outlook of my life, with one of the most important things I "relearned" is that I have permission to be successful, that I am sufficient and that I always do my best and that IS enough. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Maree."

Hervey Bay

"Anne-Maree was very approachable and easy to talk to. She helped me see things about myself I didn't already see, and because of her I feel my life will be better."

Jade Guilmartin,

"Thank you so much for the past six weeks. It has been an awesome journey of discovery and achievement. I have learnt how to apply techniques and strategies to handle different situations in order to achieve more positive outcomes and desired results.

Julie-Anne Fisher
Hervey Bay