"Anne-Maree has enabled me to find my true values. This has helped me move forward in my life with added confidence."
- Gayle Matthews

Welcome to Zenith Performance Coaching

At Zenith, we specialise in personal and professional development ... to help you feel the power within!

Life and Performance Coaching is fast becoming the secret many people across the globe are attributing to their success.

Success can be many things to many different people. To feel confident and happy within themselves with decisions made and results achieved is often what it boils down to.

Coaching produces results. It is solutions-focussed and assists individuals and teams to look towards where they wish to be, designing a path forward that is satisfying and compelling.

Coaching is not therapy and should never be considered to take the place of such. It is an amazing conversation between a coach and a client. Imagine being listened to 100% and judgement-free.

Experience the fast-acting and life-changing benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Working with simple tools and techniques, NLP is a fun way to move beyond fears, phobias, unresourceful thinking and stress & anxiety.

If you or your team are sick of feeling frustrated or helpless and are ready to find solutions, to be motivated and passionate about where you are headed - NOW is the perfect time to take action and achieve what you KNOW you can.

Our coaches and our programs are all about empowerment.

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Feel the power within!


"The content of the day's program was extremely relevant, wonderfully diverse and armed us with valuable guidance to enhance our group's dynamics! The sessions were very enlightening - wonderful for personal growth! I look forward to our next session with you Anne-Maree - you are a wonderful life coach!!! Blessings"

Twila Whittingham
Xavier Catholic College

"At the time I first met Anne-Maree, I was at a stage in my life where I was going through a period of great struggle. I found out a lot of things about myself and my relationships and learned several strategies to deal with times of frustration. We explored how to achieve constructive thought processes and how I can actually control the way I react to situations. The sessions we had were very relaxed and I was always comfortable with Anne-Maree. I feel like a very different person and I have a renewed, positive outlook of my life, with one of the most important things I "relearned" is that I have permission to be successful, that I am sufficient and that I always do my best and that IS enough. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Maree."

Hervey Bay

"Anne-Maree instilled a sense of confidence which came about through her confidence in her ability. She won't back down."

Shirley Cameron-Smith
Hervey Bay