"Anne-Maree has enabled me to find my true values. This has helped me move forward in my life with added confidence."
- Gayle Matthews

Personal Life Coaching

Life and Performance Coaching is a perfect way to have a look at where you are now in your life, identify where you would love to be, & work along side your coach to design motivating goals you are passionate about achieving.

Coaching looks at what makes you "tick". It looks at how you think and how you do the things in the way that you do.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy, and should never be considered to be.

Coaching looks at the present and towards the future. It moves beyond stories, past experiences and events. Rather than be problem-orientated, it is solutions-focussed.

"Thank you so much for the past six weeks. It has been an awesome journey of discovery and achievement. I have learnt how to apply techniques and strategies to handle different situations in order to achieve more positive outcomes and desired results." Julie-Anne Fisher Hervey Bay

One-on-one Coaching

Conducted either via phone or face-to-face, you will speak directly with your coach to define and work towards achieving your desired results.

All one-on-one sessions incorporate a blend of life coaching and NLP techniques what-is-neuro-linguistic-programming as determined by the coach to assist you to get the results you want.

3 hour NLP Intervention

Create change and get great value for your investment. A combination of life coaching and NLP tools and techniques to :-

  • Shift negative beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward
  • Remove fears, phobias or unwanted habits
  • Overcome the effects of past negative experiences
  • Control the way you feel
  • Increase your sense of purpose in life
  • Get more pleasure out of life
  • "Anchoring" resourceful patterns of behaviours / thoughts
  • "Installing" empowering beliefs

Conducted as a one-on-one session either via phone or face-to-face. Two follow-up 45 minute coaching sessions included in this amazing package.

Email Coaching

One x 1 hour initial coaching session via phone or in person, then email coaching for clarity around a specific event, or for accountability for specific goal/s.

Email coaching is based upon a 24 hour turn-a-around time within business hours Monday-Friday for one month.

Maximum email contact for this package within one month period is 30 times.


As the client, you are always 100% responsible for your results. Your coach will work in partnerships with you to assist you to discover and design a path forward that you are happy with. Your coach will teach you tools on how to apply learnings in your everyday life. Your coach will conspire for your success.

For all phone coaching sessions, the client is responsible for making the telephone call to the coach.

Change can happen in a heartbeat!

Personal Training with a Difference

Getting motivated to get out into the fresh air and stretch your legs just got a whole lot easier - and even more beneficial.

Start off your day with refreshing vibrancy - think in an empowered way and embrace your day with confidence and clarity.

Combine a stroll along the relaxing beach with insightful coaching tips and strategies personalised just for you.

Perfect for those people who would love to make the commitment to their health and fitness easier and more regular. Also fantastic for those who may feel overwhelmed, lifeless or stuck.

An empowering way to learn how to believe in yourself and how to discover & achieve your goals in work or life.

Working one-on-one with your coach, each session is 45 minutes in duration, and coaching tips can be chosen by the coach or yourself.

Bookings essential and session details and prices are available upon request. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote. Sessions starting from as little as $40 per session.

Get fit - get MindFit!

Please note:

"Personal Training with a Difference" is in no way, and does not claim to be a fitness training program. No health, fitness or medical advice will be given or alluded to within these styled coaching sessions. Each attendee proceeds with the walk at their own pace and at their own discretion. Each attendee must disclose any possible or existing health, fitness or medical condition to the coach at the time of booking to determine if this style coaching session is suitable for your life coaching needs.


"Clear diagrams, very informative, greatly impressed. This has been something I have been thinking about lately. Thank you."

Hervey Bay

"Thanks for a fun day. The workshop was interesting and clearly presented. It gave me insights into me personally and an appreciation for each team member's individuality. Thank you."

Ann James
Xavier Catholic College

"At the time I first met Anne-Maree, I was at a stage in my life where I was going through a period of great struggle. I found out a lot of things about myself and my relationships and learned several strategies to deal with times of frustration. We explored how to achieve constructive thought processes and how I can actually control the way I react to situations. The sessions we had were very relaxed and I was always comfortable with Anne-Maree. I feel like a very different person and I have a renewed, positive outlook of my life, with one of the most important things I "relearned" is that I have permission to be successful, that I am sufficient and that I always do my best and that IS enough. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Maree."

Hervey Bay