"Anne-Maree has enabled me to find my true values. This has helped me move forward in my life with added confidence."
- Gayle Matthews

Parenting Programs

Parenting is a rewarding and indescribable experience!

Would it be true to say that nobody could have ever prepared you for the extremes of emotions you experience as a parent?

How easy is it to feel that if something is not happening "right" with your child or for your child - for you to feel like you are failing or ineffective as a parent?

Then, throw into the mix - a teen-aged child...

In a world of rapid change - change of technology, expectations, family situations, peer pressure, exposure to unvetted media and so on, it is so easy to feel uncertain about parenting... and that's without even mentioning hormones!

Zenith Performance Coaching is a licensed facilitator of the coaching program Coach Your Teens to Success - 7 Simple Steps to Transform Relationships and Enrich Lives, developed by Barbara McRae MCC - international author, coach & presenter.

This program can be presented and utilized in a format of your choice.

Parent Coaching

Personalise your parenting style and learnings by working through the program directly with our qualified coaches. Rather than be a period of time in your child's life where disconnection and misunderstanding is common place - make this a mutually respectful and valuable period of growth for you and your teen.

Group Coaching for Parents

If you are curious about what other parents are experiencing, yet still would love to learn more about improving your understanding of and relationship with your teen, join a small group of parents and work with a qualified coach to learn the 7 steps to transform relationships and enrich lives.


Coach Your Teen to Success by Barbara McRae is available in paperback. As a stand alone book, you can still benefit from learning the 7 steps to transform relationships and enrich lives and applying the strategies and techniques. A common-sense and practical guide to improving your relationship with your teen and empowering them to developa healthy sense of self - ready to make everyday decisions confidently.


Whether you are an active member of your Parent & Citizens, Parents & Friends or other parent support groups, Coach Your Teens to Success is a vital program for improving relationships with teens. If there is a common cry that your group's parents are not understanding or relating to their teen, then this would be an extremely valuable resource to offer your parents, would it not?

One minute parent coaching tips

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"I have a new found confidence that enables me to cope with any challenge that crosses my path. You have inspired me to be the best I can be and to know that everything is "Just as it should be". Thank you for your commitment to helping me. Love & sunshine."

Julie-Anne Fisher
Hervey Bay

"Thanks for a fun day. The workshop was interesting and clearly presented. It gave me insights into me personally and an appreciation for each team member's individuality. Thank you."

Ann James
Xavier Catholic College

"At the time I first met Anne-Maree, I was at a stage in my life where I was going through a period of great struggle. I found out a lot of things about myself and my relationships and learned several strategies to deal with times of frustration. We explored how to achieve constructive thought processes and how I can actually control the way I react to situations. The sessions we had were very relaxed and I was always comfortable with Anne-Maree. I feel like a very different person and I have a renewed, positive outlook of my life, with one of the most important things I "relearned" is that I have permission to be successful, that I am sufficient and that I always do my best and that IS enough. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Maree."

Hervey Bay